Open rivers -monitoring season has begun!

Spring is here, with a blast of warm air! Lakes and rivers are losing their ice much more quickly than they have in the past so be cautious out there. With open water comes water quality sampling trips by our River Watch Teams, our staff, and many other water quality monitors from across the Valley, both professional and volunteer.

River Watch Teams made over 681 site visits to local rivers, streams and ‘ditches’ this past year. Since 2001, River Watch Teams and International Water Institute staff have made 16, 804 visits to Red River Valley streams. Now that the water is opening up, our volunteers will be out there in force checking dissolved oxygen levels, turbidity, pH and water temperature. To see more of the data that has been collected, or to find schools that have participated, go to the River Watch Database.

Keep your eyes open for students out wearing bright yellow or orange vests, especially when approaching a river or stream crossing. These young people are monitoring the health of your water. ¬†Give them a friendly wave and “Thank You” as you go by!