It’s all in the numbers…

This blog is dedicated to those individuals who love numbers. Now, I’m a Soduko fan, and I find numbers interesting, but if I had a job where I had to work with numbers every day – not so much! Lots of conversation around the Valley this spring/summer has been about drought, rainfall, and lack of floods. Last week I received in my inbox a copy of the North Dakota Climate Bulletin– a publication put out four times a year by the ND State Climate Office. ¬†Monthly precipitation maps for North Dakota are available on the website, below is a map for this past April. Note the low precipitation in the Red River Valley. Check out the Climate website for additional education resources and data information.

april precipitation

  • Temperature-wise, this spring was the 2nd warmest¬†statewide since 1895.
  • May 2012 state average precipitation ranked 56th driest in the past 118 years
  • 319 temperature related records broken or tied in March of 2012
  • Minimum temperature in Fargo on March 19th was 57 degrees F, 20 degrees warmer than the last record set in 1987.