Water Sense – and ‘hot’ lake water

EPA has a new game site for kids, and adults too! If you remember that video game pac-man, you will want to try Water Sense. Same concept as pac-man, move “Flo” around the plumbing to different ‘rooms’ and answer questions for points. Avoid the monsters, and gobble up the bonus points. 900 was my top score in two tries. Check it out!

Things are heating up all over the state, which isn’t a good thing for fish! Particularly in shallow lakes, where oxygen levels drop with increased water temperatures and fish have no where to go to escape. Northern pike, tulibee and whitefish are extremely susceptible to low oxygen levels. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released a news update regarding the high temps, some of which have hit the 90’s.

Stay cool!

Kids and Fishing on the Red

2012 River Arts Fishing Clinic – photo by Chad Maloy

2012 River Arts Fishing Clinic – photo by Chad Maloy

Check out the smiles and action below, from the 2012 River Arts Fishing Clinic held in Fargo/Moorhead this past week. Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers for helping put on this event! Check out River Keepers website for more upcoming events on the Red River!

Fish are happy with dam removal!

Okay, so most of the dams on the Red River have been modified, not removed. Both accomplish the same thing: fish are able to move freely up and down the river, as are canoeists, kayakers, and boaters. Its a win-win situation, and the threat of being caught in a drowning machine is eliminated. I’m posting a link sent to me by C.U.R.E. (Clean Up the River Environment), a group working in the Minnesota River Watershed. The dam in Montevideo was removed earlier this month, check out the pics to see how it was done!

Fishing on the Red – TODAY!

Greetings all! Hey, if you enjoy fishing, and wish to share your enthusiasm, River Keepers in Fargo/Moorhead is looking for some volunteers to assist with a fishing program tonight. Meet on the Red River below Usher’s House in Moorhead on Tuesday, July 10 from 5:30 – 8 p.m. during the RiverArts Fishing Clinic. Contact Christine at 701-235-2895 or christine@riverkeepers.org.

Did you know there is a catfish league on the Red River? Neither did I! Here is the website: http://catfishleague.com/  I have no idea where they fish…..other than the phone number given is a Minnesota cell. President is Rob Raymond (pictured below with Jack Johnston) – 218-791-3762 . Note – this is not an endorsement of their group, just an FYI that they exist!

Big Fish, Big River

Large walleye and catfish are to be found in the Red River of the North. For those who have not yet fished these waters, this blog from Fargo Moorhead provides a video detailing fishing for catfish and information on large walleyes. You don’t have to travel to central Minnesota to catch nice walleyes!


Check out these blogs, showing some of the catfish found in the Red! Or go to Cool_Cats to read a story from the Minnesota Volunteer on channel catfish of the Red (May-June 1993).



Trivia: Which town in North Dakota sports the largest fiberglass catfish?

Gardening smart

So, I know this blog is about water – but conserving water and reducing runoff are two things that a ‘smart’ no-till garden is good at. North Dakota Sustainable Agriculture Resource and Education (SARE) has produced a series of 4 videos that introduce people to no-till gardening. I can’t wait to try this myself. Turning over the garden each spring is something I would NOT miss! Enjoy the videos, short and to the point. Also, for additional resources check out the ND SARE website at NDSARE.info.

No-till Gardening with Mulch (1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FEIP4Wwufo

No-till Gardening with Mulch (2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDl-ZPK3HH4

No-till Gardening with Mulch (3) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wffoeYUFK7k

No-till Gardening with Mulch (4) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5ZCxKB9d3k

It’s all in the numbers…

This blog is dedicated to those individuals who love numbers. Now, I’m a Soduko fan, and I find numbers interesting, but if I had a job where I had to work with numbers every day – not so much! Lots of conversation around the Valley this spring/summer has been about drought, rainfall, and lack of floods. Last week I received in my inbox a copy of the North Dakota Climate Bulletin– a publication put out four times a year by the ND State Climate Office.  Monthly precipitation maps for North Dakota are available on the website, below is a map for this past April. Note the low precipitation in the Red River Valley. Check out the Climate website for additional education resources and data information.

april precipitation

  • Temperature-wise, this spring was the 2nd warmest statewide since 1895.
  • May 2012 state average precipitation ranked 56th driest in the past 118 years
  • 319 temperature related records broken or tied in March of 2012
  • Minimum temperature in Fargo on March 19th was 57 degrees F, 20 degrees warmer than the last record set in 1987.


Come ride the S.S. Ruby and learn about coffee

River Keepers announces their new River Rambles series. This Sunday, June16th,  Angelique Kube, Atomic Coffee, will discuss coffee growing regions, roast levels, and the creation of specialty coffee drinks on the 4, 5, 6 & 7 p.m. S.S. Ruby tours. Normal tour rates apply.


Upcoming July topics are:

July 8 & 29: Evan James, Audubon Dakota volunteer.  “Birds of the Red River Valley
July 15 & August 12: Jay Leitch, catfishing guide.  “Red River BIG Fish
July 22: Mark Peihl, Clay County Archivist.  “Welcome to Beerhead